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Amega Bio-energetic Bracelets

Almost 3 years ago, I was introduced to the Amega Global Bio-energetic Bracelets.  Up until that time, I didn’t have an understanding of the serious benefit the body could experience by wearing this bio-energetic bracelet.  I needed to learn how the bio-energetics of the body worked.  YouTube Preview Image


When I worked as an RN in ICU/Open Heart, I was accustomed to reading people’s electrocardiograms.  I knew the body and the heart conducts it’s messages via “electronics”, though I had never been taught how things can be improved when our own electromagnetic flow is supported.  Bio-energetic bracelet by Amega supports that part of our body function. (more…)


Strengthening our Bio-field

Many people are just now learning that each of us has a bio-field.  Over the past few decades, much research has been done to prove this.  Actually, it’s the development of technology that has allowed us more information on our bio-field.


What’s the big deal about a bio-field?  For starters, it’s our first line of defense.  Think of it in the same terms as the electromagnetic field around the earth.  If the earth did not have it, our existence here would be very different.  As the earth’s bio-field becomes distorted, so does our bio-field.  The bio-field is there to protect us. (more…)


5 Easy Steps to Having More Energy!!!

Who wants more energy?  I talk with people every day complaining of the lack of energy.  Some people are suffering with the symptoms of cold and flu, others are just plain worn out from fatigue and difficulty sleeping.  It’s VERY difficult to have energy when these things are playing havoc on your body!


You don’t have to be sick to want and need more energy. Today, I’m outlining 5 easy steps to increasing your energy.  Energy is vital to living well, being well, thinking well and doing well!!! (more…)


Moon Bath with Himalayan Crystal Salt


We just had the Blue Moon and I wonder how many people took advantage of having a Moon Bath with Himalayan Crystal Salt?  Recently, I was told how important it is to have a Moon Bath, to take advantage of the detoxifying process the minerals cause, as well as the re-balancing of our bio-energetic system.  My husband and I take our Brine or Sole’ daily, and were unaware of how powerful a Moon Bath is.


Two years ago, I was introduced to Brine and started making my own.  I also get Energized Brine from time to time.  Getting the 84 essential minerals into our body is critical, as it is the electricity for the cells!  They can’t communicate properly without it.  The pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is what you want!  It’s 250 Million years old and contains the essence of life!! (more…)


Wearing a Bio-energetic Magnetic Bracelet

A friend of mine started wearing a bio-energetic magnetic bracelet recently.  I’d introduced her to them after she commented on mine.  She’d heard of them before, but did not know what they did or why one would wear it.


What she experienced in the week following her starting to wear her bio-energetic magnetic bracelet was remarkable.  She lost 10 pounds and was sleeping better.  How could this be? (more…)


Amega Global Vancouver Island, BC

Amega Global has arrived on Vancouver Island, BC, bringing a revolutionary energy wellness technology for our personal use.   Amega Global presented the SELF CARE EVOLUTION at the Victoria Health Show for two days and showed the public how this energy technology works on our body and why we need to use it.

Cathy Dick, FBA and Distributor along with Rebecca Girouard, Diamond Distributor, presented the first public appearance of Amega Global in Canada.  Cathy Dick is from Vancouver, BC and brought product for retail or wholesale purchase.

Rebecca Girouard has made herself known as the Amega Global Distributor for Vancouver Island, meeting with business owners wanting to incorporate the Amega Global energy technology into their shops, offices and franchises.  As well, people are finding Rebecca’s rich knowledge and understanding of the science of this energy technology very helpful.  This is providing people with the confidence to move forward in incorporating the technology of Amega Global in their personal lives and homes. (more…)