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Differences in Energy Wands

 Have you heard of energy wands?  There are a few energy wands on the market.  Most people don’t know the differences in them and are being taken to the cleaners.  Not all energy wands are the same.  When I talk with people, they don’t know how they work or what they are made of!  Some make claims to be zero point energy wands and are not.  There is only one with AMized Fusion Technology.

Energy wands should not have magnets in them.  Magnets are unsafe to use on pregnant women and people with pacemakers.  There are energy wands out there that have a few types of crystals in them.  Some fake energy wands are being distributed by greedy people who could care less what type of product they are selling.  Some actually have cut glass inside. (more…)


Amega Global Vancouver Island, BC

Amega Global has arrived on Vancouver Island, BC, bringing a revolutionary energy wellness technology for our personal use.   Amega Global presented the SELF CARE EVOLUTION at the Victoria Health Show for two days and showed the public how this energy technology works on our body and why we need to use it.

Cathy Dick, FBA and Distributor along with Rebecca Girouard, Diamond Distributor, presented the first public appearance of Amega Global in Canada.  Cathy Dick is from Vancouver, BC and brought product for retail or wholesale purchase.

Rebecca Girouard has made herself known as the Amega Global Distributor for Vancouver Island, meeting with business owners wanting to incorporate the Amega Global energy technology into their shops, offices and franchises.  As well, people are finding Rebecca’s rich knowledge and understanding of the science of this energy technology very helpful.  This is providing people with the confidence to move forward in incorporating the technology of Amega Global in their personal lives and homes. (more…)


My Relief of Tinnitus with the Amega™ AMWand

Tens of millions of people in North America alone have been diagnosed with tinnitus.  Anyone with tinnitus knows how very disturbing and annoying it is.  I was a young teenager when I was diagnosed with tinnitus.  I had to put up with this high pitched ringing in my head.  It has plagued me all my life to varying degrees.  The tinnitus turns on and off like it has free will.

Last month, my tinnitus turned on with an extremely loud high pitched ring that prevented me from hearing!  This was the worst I had ever experienced.  Then I remembered I have my self care healing tool called the Amega™ AMWand.   I’d heard other people say that they were able to use the Amega™ AMWand on their head and their ears and the tinnitus they were having left.  So I thought I might as well try it!  Nothing to loose!! Actually, I was so annoyed with the severity of the ringing,  that I put the tip of the Amega™ AMWand right at the opening of my ear.  First I did it to the side that was bothering me the most.  Amazingly, the sound started to diminish like someone was turning down the volume!  OK!  Then I put the Amega™ AMWand to my other ear, thinking I should balance both sides.  Now, we are talking a few minutes in each ear.  There was barely a ring after about 6 minutes. (more…)


The Self Care Healing Tool-The Amega™ AMWand

There is a loud buzz on the streets now, about the self care healing tool available to all of us.  Anyone who has experienced their own body response to this profound technology will tell you they just want to shout it from the mountain tops so that people will hear and come to experience what it is like for their body to give up the pain they’ve been in for years or decades.  What is more important than your health?  Can you even imagine what it is like to see the look in their eyes and the tears of joy when this self care healing tool is used on them and they experience this change in their body?  You need to witness this and experience it for yourself.  You need it.  Every household needs this self care healing tool.

Well over 800 Doctors in North America are actively using this technology found in the self care healing tool called the Amega™ AMWand.  They are using it in their practices during patient office visits.  They are using it in hospitals in the recovery rooms and in patients rooms during visits.  These Doctors are also giving their patients the opportunity to purchase one as well.  Doctors who are using the Amega™ AMWand, want nothing more than their patients to be able to care for themselves and their family members with this self care tool.  This is empowering people.  This is what I’ve been writing about.  (more…)


Balance Your Energy Centers with the Amega™ AMWand

People are learning how to balance their energy centers with the Amega™ AMWand.  It is very important to keep our energy centers balanced.   You are made of energy.  You are sustained by energy.  This is quantum physics.  Our energy centers respond to energy.

The Amega™ AMWand gives us the ability through conscious clearing of our energy field, to promote integration of ourself as a whole.  The effect of tending to your energy centers, can guide you to realize your full potential.  This enables you to live a life full of joy and abundance.

There is a new product that was made available to North America last year.  This product is based on Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.  It is the Amega™ AMWand, and is infused with Zero Point Energy Resonance, AMized™ Fusion Technology.As we are all energy and are sustained by energy, our body responds to this resonance contained in the Amega™ AMWand.  (more…)


Pain Relief for Shoulder Pain with the Amega AMWand

Over the holidays, I was visiting with a woman who had been having chronic shoulder pain for weeks.  She told me she’d experienced a frozen shoulder situation in her left shoulder before and she was very concerned the pain she had currently, meant it was making its way back.  I told her of a new healing tool that is available now, using zero point energy resonance and asked her if she’d like to see if her body would respond to it?  She said, “Yes!  I want to get rid of this pain!”

She asked me what the new technology was all about.  I explained that it is called AMized Fusion Technology™by Amega Global.  A 21 day fusion process is involved in creating these tools which emit zero point energy resonance.  That resonance reminds our cells to go back into balance.  You see, zero point energy is source energy.  It is the infinite reservoir of energy.  Everything originates from source.  Our cells are part of that source energy.  So, our body LOVES zero point energy!!!  Our cells will take up as much zero point energy resonance as it can get!  That means that pain, which is stagnant or blocked energy in the cells, will balance itself when exposed to zero point energy resonance.  When the blocked energy moves, the pain leaves!  How great is that!?? (more…)