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You Can Heal Yourself

 If you grew up with western medicine being the backbone of your health care, you probably weren’t taught that you can heal yourself.  There is a global shift that is occurring, as research papers are released and the evidence shows this.

On the BlogTalkRadio show ENERGETIC WELLNESS SOLUTIONS, the host Shannon Nounna-Saathoff, has been presenting a broadcast called “You Can Heal Yourself Completely”.  This is a 3 part discussion with Shannon, Cecilia Samms (Co-Instructor for The Reconnection) and myself regarding Reconnective Healing.  Over the past 2 decades, the research has been done about how these healings come about and that we can heal ourselves.  If you haven’t heard about Reconnective Healing, here’s the link to the radio showContinue Reading »


Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation Demagnetize Credit Card and Hotel Keys and your BODY

Have you ever checked into your hotel, popped the key into your bag or pocket with your cell phone, then gone to your room, and the room key won’t work?  Frustrating for sure!!  What happened??  The cell phone radiation just demagnetized your hotel key.  Better check those credit cards too and anything else with a magnetic strip!!

Why is this topic of radiation so important?  Because, cell phone radiation does the same thing to your body!!!  We are electromagnetic beings.  We carry an electromagnetic charge.  The cell phone/wireless radiation is demagnetizing our body!  I can show you this in seconds.  Normally, people get tears in their eyes when they see how quickly it happens and how powerful it is. Continue Reading »


Energetic Wellness Classes given by Rebecca Girouard

 Energetic wellness classes will start on the 16th of July at 6:45pm and will last approximately 2 hours.  These classes are a 6-week session given every Tuesday evening.  Energetic wellness is a hot topic now and people want to know what they can do to have more energy in their life.

Topics covered in the energetic wellness classes will be the following:

~ Energy and You

~ The New Science of Healing

~ Essentials for cellular health

~ 84 Essential Minerals

~ Sulforaphane and Glutathione

~ Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics

~ Dangers of E-Smog radiation and what to do about it

Rebecca is a graduate of the Energetic Wellness Program, which was first launched in North America in February down in Irvine, California.  She attended again the following month, in March, in San Diego and will be a facilitator for the program in Canada.  She has been living the life of energetic wellness for the past 3+ years. Continue Reading »


Awakening to Wellness

The word “wellness” is being used more and more in North America.   Are you awakening to wellness? I met Denise last year and you really need to hear her story. YouTube Preview Image

Wellness means many things to many people.  Some think it has to do with lack of illness, injury or pain.  In 1946, the WHO (World Health Organization) defined wellness as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


With the sick based care system that we live with, patients are getting fed up with not receiving information.  The focus in on what medications they should take, rather than learning how to get well. They are asking, “what is wellness?”  Continue Reading »


Differences in Energy Wands

 Have you heard of energy wands?  There are a few energy wands on the market.  Most people don’t know the differences in them and are being taken to the cleaners.  Not all energy wands are the same.  When I talk with people, they don’t know how they work or what they are made of!  Some make claims to be zero point energy wands and are not.  There is only one with AMized Fusion Technology.

Energy wands should not have magnets in them.  Magnets are unsafe to use on pregnant women and people with pacemakers.  There are energy wands out there that have a few types of crystals in them.  Some fake energy wands are being distributed by greedy people who could care less what type of product they are selling.  Some actually have cut glass inside. Continue Reading »


What is Energetic Wellness?

Have you heard of energetic wellness?  It’s being spoken of more and more.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been asked many times, “what is energetic wellness?”

For starters, we are all energy.  Everything is energy.  We breathe energy in the air, our blood is energy for our cells and tissues.  Our muscles use energy to move us.  Our energetic wellness is made up of all of this and more.


There is this thing called Life Force Energy.  It is the thing that makes us be alive.  Our energetic wellness has a lot to do with how much life force energy we have inside of us.  It is the electrical conduction we have in our body and the amount of electrical voltage we have in our cells. Continue Reading »